Established in 2004, BACE are regulated by the RICS.  The team works nationwide offering the capability of a much larger firm with the personal approach and commitment of a small team that is focused on delivering real results for clients.

Cost Management

BACE have built their whole philosophy on the need to provide solid management and cost advice to clients and other professional consultants throughout all stages of a commission to ensure that projects are delivered both on time and budget.  Our cost management processes enable us to manage the budget requirements and anticipated costs from inception to completion through cost control procedures geared to proactively “manage” not just reactively record or monitor costs ultimately to maximise the return on investment for our clients. 

We operate a proven, well managed process which calls for continuously checking procedures, ensuring that all elements of works are captured correctly from the budgeting phase, to completion of the project with each stage of the process identifying cost risk items that need to be addressed prior to the next one starting.

Being involved from the start of the project enables us to manage this process and provide a solid budget that meets the client’s requirements which is both achievable and deliverable.  We understand that every Client and project is different and by understanding the goals our reports are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client brief that has real benefits to them when reporting to their clients, funders and stakeholders.

  • Cost estimating from initial feasibility to detailed design
  • Cost benchmarking against similar projects and industry cost data bases
  • Value Engineering and value management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement advise
  • Tendering Procedures and Contractual arrangements
  • Completion of Contract documentation
  • Post Contact cost reporting and management
  • Interim valuations and certificates
  • Cost auditing and assurance
  • Final Account negotiations and agreement
  • Cashflow forecasts and analysis
  • Whole life costing

Development Management

BACE work in collaboration with Developers to provide a project management “plus” service which is individually tailored to meet the Client’s specific business needs.   We work with a wide variety of Developers, from experienced with established in-house teams to individuals embarking on their first development within the residential and commercial sector.  We focus on increasing return and reducing risk and have been instrumental in assisting Clients in increasing their GDV and reducing construction costs through various methods including repeat negotiation and the use of modern methods of construction.

Our Development Management service is a cross fertilisation of our expertise in Cost Management, Contract Administration and Project Monitoring which enables us, through our vast experience and established processes, to provide a skilled oversite of all phases of the development process, from initial appraisals to project closeout.

Our services include:

  • Extensive due diligence process in assessing the viability of the proposed scheme “stress testing of appraisals”.
  • Compilation and management of development constraints to mitigate third party risk
  • Preparation of the design brief, budget and project programme
  • Preparation of scope of services and appointment of the design team
  • Co-ordination of key stakeholder engagement 
  • Co-ordination of the professional team during design development through to planning and project closeout
  • Advising and management on the procurement strategy and securing building contractor(s)
  • Liaison with client solicitors re contract amendments, warranties and appointments
  • Management of the construction and delivery phase (full Cost Management and Contract Administration/Employer’s Agent services)
  • Liaison with Developer’s marketing team as appropriate 
  • Liaison with Developer’s funders as appropriate

Contract Administration

At BACE we believe that effective Contract Administration is the key to the successful completion of projects.

Our role is significant for the delivery of the project as we are the interface between you the Client and the Contractor. Either as Contract Administrator or Employer’s Agent, we’re able to consistently interpret contracts, advise on your contractual entitlements and manage contract obligations and procedures, issuing the relevant certificates, instructions and notices stipulated within the contract.

We pride ourselves on the ability to build good team relationships, but understand that from time to time differences of opinion do arise on construction projects. Our attitude is to mitigate escalation of disputes by continuous communication and proactive early engagement to find the resolution.

We manage various forms of construction contracts with balance, integrity and transparency and our approach encompasses the traditional skills of the Quantity Surveyor with the hands-on tactic that lies behind all our services.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in Contract Administration enables us to offer this role as part of our service, either on a stand-alone basis or incorporated in conjunction with our other services.

Our Contract Administration services include

  • Administrating change control procedures.
  • Issuing contract instructions such as variations, or relating to provisional sums, prime cost sums or making good defects.
  • Chairing construction progress meetings.
  • Preparing and issuing periodic reports on programme, cost and risk
  • Co-ordinating and instructing site inspectors.
  • Considering claims and advising on contractual entitlements.
  • Agreeing commissioning and testing procedures.
  • Agreeing defects reporting procedures.
  • Issuing certificates of practical completion and interim certificates.
  • Collating and issuing schedules of defects.
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects.
  • Issuing the final certificate.

Project Monitoring

BACE Project Monitoring provides specialist services to banks and other funding institutions that are in the business of lending funds to developers for the purpose of procuring development projects.

Debt funding of this nature has inherent risks, as a result it is essential that funders receive sound, dependable professional advice throughout the development process in order to manage those risks.

BACE pride ourselves in possessing all the necessary expertise to cover the relevant aspects of any development project from inception to completion and in use.

We whole heartedly believe that the core Project and Cost Management techniques and processes we regularly utilise to deliver schemes, are inherently transferable and relevant to the Project Monitoring function.

The scope of our services can generally be categorised into two distinct phases. The first covering pre-commencement ‘Due diligence’ and the second, the construction phase.


  • Carry out due diligence process to assess the viability of the scheme
  • Carry out an audit to confirm if all matters are in order prior to allowing the scheme to progress towards being funded.
  • Produce a pre-commencement tracker highlighting outstanding information
  • Issue Initial Report with recommendations to the funder in order to allow a reasoned judgement to be made for the purposes of approving the proposed loan arrangement.


  • Provide monthly or periodic report addressing key issues as deemed necessary (covering items such as projected Final Costs, commenting on project progress as regards both time and cost, comparing actual to budget, detailing the reasons for any variances and making appropriate recommendations in respect of our findings).
  • Brief funder monthly on progress and expenditure throughout the construction phase including completion and handover procedures of the finished development.